XLBet.com Out of Business

Jacob Nielsen - XlBet.com owner

No smoke without fire. The saying couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to XLBet.com, who roughly one hour ago have confirmed that they are out of business.

“We are sorry to inform that XLBet has been forced to close down its business with imediate effect,” reads the official statement, sent to costumers.

“For a while we have known that we would need more capital into our company in order to keep building our product and despite almost reaching point of “break even” this fall, we haven’t succeeded in raising the necessary funds to cover the old losses and the costs connected to our new platform, and thus we have decided to close down our business before even more people got economically involved.”

XLBet.com had declared a few days ago that they’re experiencing “server” problems, which was probably a strategy to win more time.

The Curacao-based bookmaker was run by Jacob Nielsen, who is seemingly also the owner of xlfrag.com and xbet1.com. An ex-costumer, who was also left with his money “pending”, privately told us that he has proves that clearly incriminate Jacob, and that he’s ready to use it.

Anyone interested, people who’ve lost their money with XLBet.com, are invited to write to our official email adress and we’ll get you in touch with other people in the same situation.

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