Appoint New Capper

NBA have announced the appointment of another NBA capper. “We’ve found Frank (his alias) in a local forum, capping with passion, and coming up every night with his great previews and thoughts. We’ve been tracking his bets in the past two months, and he has met our requirements from every point of view. He used to be well-known on some public sites, even though he’s become more quiet lately. Due to personal reasons he will not reveal his real nickname, nor write any previews on his picks,” reads from an official statement on their website.

His package has been set at 50 EUR monthly (100 EUR – months) and you may see him on board starting January 1st. “We sincerely think we’ve done the best move, and really hope he can launch some sort of competition with Erni. Please note that we will not sell any package unless individually.” are Pro NBA Tipping service and have made +56 units profit with 116% ROI since the service launch.

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