Third Month In Plus For

ProfitPremium football tipping service have announced their 3rd consequtive month in plus. They have generated 20 units profit with 104% ROI, even though they have made more than 190 units from the start of September till now.

“We are aware that the time gaps between the peaks of our profit have been too far away recently – it took us five weeks to set a new peak after peaking on Oct the 19th and are now thirty five units below the previous peak we reached on November the 23rd. It seems that we are still suffering from the statistical correction from the unreal 10-0 start of the October we had, but we continue doing the same thing are are sure that, with persistence and sticking to the same approach, we will sooner rather than later return to the paths of September and October, which were big winning months for us. So far since the launch of our service, we mostly had either big winning months or months close to breaking even – unfortunately, November fits into the latter category, but is nothing we are not already used to,” reads from their official statement.

Registered in May 2008, is run by two tipsters and has been one of the most solid tipping services on the market. They are verified by three independent sources.

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