Robbery at the Rio

High-profile Las Vegas hotel and casino The Rio was the target of an armed robbery last week. A total of $33,000 worth of poker chips were stolen, being taken from a Pai Gow table at 4am on Thursday.

A man named as Steven Gao has been identified as the thief, and he fled the scene in a taxi driven by 61 year-old Hiroyuki Yamaguchi. The police report states that Gao then went directly to another casino in order to hand the chips over to Edward Land, in order to pay off a gambling debt.

Yamaguchi and Land are both currently held in police custody, but Gao has so far avoided capture. This event comes just months after a similar robbery (totalling $1.5 million in poker chips) which occurred at the Vegas Bellagio hotel. Suspect Anthony Corleo appeared in court last week.

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