PokerStars the New Sponsors of Spanish Basketball

PokerStars are the new sponsors of Spanish basketball association (Federacion Espanola De Baloncesto) after signing an one year deal., who are one of the biggest poker rooms in the world, will offer its costumers tickets to the upcoming 2010 FIBA World Championships, which starts in Turkey from August 28th.

“We are very pleased to join forces with a company that is leading in its sector and that decides to bet on our sport,” said Jose Luis Saez, President for the FEB.

“A company that is known for innovation and the sports aspect of poker and that has demonstrated an impressive capacity for promotion and broadcasting.”

“Our, client, is very proud to become sponsor of the Federacion Espanola De Baloncesto,” said Juanjo Marquez, a representative for in Spain.

“Being a global brand, this is a significant opportunity to join a leading sport. sponsors numerous teams and sportsmen of international standing and being able to cooperate with the world and European champion is an exciting project by which to convey values like excellence, competition and fair play.”

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