Online horse betting odds

Just as with any other sports betting, online horse betting odds are important to know when you’re placing your bets for the race. Different sites might give you different odds based on what factors the bookie considers when making the odds for each race. You should look around for the best odds on 123bet before you place your online horse racing bets.

Jockey Jose Santos on Funny Cide celebrates after winning the 128th running of the Preakness Stakes, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, May 17, 2003. The win meant Funny Cide moved within one victory of capturing U.S. thoroughbred racing's first Triple Crown in a quarter-century. Midway Road finished second, and Scrimshaw third in the field of 10. Peace Rules, who led for most of the race, finished fourth. Photo by Jason Reed

How are the odds determined?

Each site has their own way of calculating odds based on a company strategy and their bookie’s risk tolerance. Betting sites do not like to lose, so they usually stack the odds in such a way that they will be able to make a profit or minimize their losses on any given bet. These are the most common factors looked at when considering online horse betting odds:

  1. 1.Personal handicap

Some horse races include what’s called a handicap. This is given by an official racing commission for certain races. The horses will have to carry a certain amount of extra weight in the form of small lead weights. Higher handicaps mean more weight on the horse. Odds are generally higher against horses with more handicaps, depending on the other factors.

  1. 2.Public opinion

Public opinion of who the winner will be as well as how other bets are placed can have a huge impact on the online horse betting odds. This is mainly due to the fact that bookies do not want to suffer huge losses if the public ends up being right. Odds will be lower against horses with a lot of bets and the public opinion behind them.

  1. 3.Horse performance

How a horse has performed in the past competitions can affect the odds for and against it in future races. This is a constantly updating factor that might change each race depending on how the horse performed.

  1. 4.Stakes of the race

Bigger races hold different odds than smaller races. Some of this is because of the increase in bets placed on bigger races.

  1. 5.Professional opinion

Many professionals are paid to study the races and come up with their own opinions about how the races will go. These opinions can be found published around the web in horse racing authority journals. Bookies use these to help determine odds.

  1. 6.Other general statistics

Many statistics are tracked in today’s modern sporting world, including those dealing with horse racing. These can have an effect on the odds.

Are there any strategies to play the odds?

There are many online betting strategies that can be applied to online horse betting. You can place bets only on the big races, you can play against the favorites, you can scatter your bets, and any number of other strategies.

Where can the best odds be found?

Check out new horse betting sites for the best chance at odds and even for the best casino bonuses. Every site’s odds will vary depending on the above mentioned factors and other site-specific factors. It can be a good idea to search around for the best odds before each race you plan to bet on.

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