Trend-watch: The Cross Over between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

When it comes to online gaming, there never seems to be one right way to go about it. The cross over between different genres in the betting industry has led to some interesting discoveries and opportunities for operators and punters, alike. It is no surprise that plenty of casinos, which you can find on, have taken on this new trend.

Advantages for Operators

From a business perspective, introducing sports betting into the world of online gaming with its traditional slots, blackjacks,pokers, and roulettes, may at first be considered quite a feat. However, the use of new technologies and new services may open the casino to a larger pool of punters. With eSports betting, there is a cohort of players for each different genres or platforms. It is crucial to take into consideration the clear regional and cultural preferences towards certain game titles needed when devising an eSports betting strategy.

League of Legends Season 2 World Championship Finals

Most eSports betting games are also spread out over a couple of weeks. This gives bettors the chance to engage with events in pre-match betting for longer, which in turn provides bookmakers a longer span of time over which to promote their content around the competition. This makes it less hectic to engage punters than for tournaments played within a week or a single weekend. There are multiple advantages with regard to marketing, when it comes to getting a stronghold on your existing customers’ assets.

Blogs, Statistics and News Updates for Punters

From a punters’ point of view, there are also many benefits from this homogenisation of betting and online gaming genres. These come in the form and shape of an increased welcome bonus, the cross-transfers of strategies plus skills, and an overall better gaming experience.

Since operators now offer a varied range of betting options via one site, the customer’s first deposit is incremented thanks to a combination of casino credits and sports bets.

This has further allowed operators to offer more onsite features, which has resulted in not only casino games and sporting odds but also blogs and statistics. For a sporting fan, this access to news updates, experts’ knowledge and numerical data is simply a brilliant option as it provides the punter with the opportunity to gain insight into a particular ice-hockey team, or a favoured boxe. It engages the bettor even further and instils in him a greater connection with the event.

Gaining insight into a professional’s perspective on an event and comparing that to a group of statistics is also the best way to improve strategy for a punter. Gathering knowledge on which individual is in their best shape or form,their strengths and wekanesses and the significance of that event in that context, is imperative for a sports bettor. Without that precious information, such betting becomes mere guesswork.

Cross-transfer of Skills and Strategies

One other advantage to this trend that sees the fusion of online gaming and sports betting, is that learning to strategise in online games can lend itself to sports betting as well. The transference of skills can be useful when it comes to spotting value. If in an online game of blackjack, the dealer shows a weak hand signifying that the punter is in a stronger position, the ability to spot such value, becomes of use when, for example, you learn about an individual’s current situation. If say, Tom Brady is facing a tough time personally, then he is more likely not to perform well on the pitch.

Casino games can teach punters to think about dynamic hierarchies or orders to come up with a move that has the best expected value. The connections between sports betting and casino games have made it easier than ever to connect these skills and improve results in both areas.

For operators, the sports betting industry is a betting demographic that is beneficial to any online casino and cannot be ignored. For the punters, the effects of this merging has only increased the ways in which consumers can enhance their overall gaming experience.

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