The Evolution of Online Gambling: How the Casinos Changed in Two Decades

Technology, they say, evolves at an incredible speed. Computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and their likes, have become incredibly powerful in a few short years, turning from novelty into parts of our everyday lives. Hardware has evolved, and so did software: today’s applications are much more sophisticated and efficient, and the games are much more detail-rich and entertaining than ever before. And online casinos have also evolved a lot since the first of them was launched in 1994. Let’s see.

1994 – the humble beginnings

When you think of an “online casino” today, you visualize a game you can play on your smartphone, or a web browser on your desktop PC. This were not this simple back in the day when the first online casinos were introduced: the internet was painfully slow, and the computers were much dumber.

Online casinos became a thing in 1994, when downloading large files was out of the question. The operators didn’t despair, though – they simply mailed out the casino software on CDs to anyone willing to play their games. Players would then install the software on their PCs, create an account, make a deposit, and play. While this practice sounds ridiculous today, it has allowed the online casino industry to thrive.

2000 – major names

The turn of the century saw the casino industry grow further – especially since internet speeds have increased enough to discontinue mailing the CDs to the players. Some of the most popular casinos today have appeared around this time: the Royal Vegas Casino, the Fortune Lounge Group’s flagship gaming operation, was launched in 2000.

The coming years saw amazing improvements in the world of online casinos. The game libraries have grown, and the first mobile casino games were released. The Royal Vegas Mobile was launched in the mid-2000s, as you can read at Royal Vegas Casino blog, but it couldn’t reach its full potential until the release of smartphones (which happened a few years later). Today, mobile is becoming the platform of choice for many players, complementing the desktop and browser interfaces of online casinos.

Today and the future

Today we have an unprecedented number of online casinos competing for the attention of an ever-increasing player base. The casinos have conquered all the available platforms: they can be played on desktop computers and smartphones, smart TVs and smart watches, consoles, you name it. The Royal Vegas was the first of them all to add a smartwatch slot machine to its lineup, and more will probably follow. And casinos are preparing to conquer a new realm: that of virtual reality.

Online casinos have come a long way since their humble beginning, but they haven’t reached the apogee of their evolution just yet.

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