Finding a Professional Paid Service

I am a professional punter, tipster and webmaster. I work seven days a week, 360 days a year. Even when I’m off, my thoughts are somewhere in the middle of “something”. It’s been like that for almost a decade and only I know how many efforts and sacrifices I’ve put in. Betting industry has grown fast and it will grow bigger and bigger year after year. Bookmakers and technology evolves, and so are the “paid services” that offer picks for money. I’m not going to talk about scam whores that take advantage of people’s naivety, about those who promise fast and unbelievable returns to leave you in red and with an empty pocket. I’m not even going to talk about my own service. What bothers me is the lack of professionalism, illiteracy and defiance of the good industry manners.

If you followed at least one paid service in your life, you must know where to find them. They are everywhere, but most of them like to “promote” their service at BA which is still a popular and free place to do that. Browsing those threads, you’ll get the picture. Some of them are incredibly naive to believe that once they start a thread, costumers would jump buying their “picks”. No wonder why most of them give up after a short time only, while others who consider themelves “smarter” would have no hesitation starting a new thread, promoting the same “paid service” under a different “brand” name from a different IP. Selling picks looks like “easy money” but reality is quite different. After all, what do we get in exchange?

The most important thing when dealing with a paid service, are the records. After all, this is what their service is all about and it’s a question whether you profit from betting or not. I’m not going to blast how good or bad some records are. This is down to you only and nobody can be blamed for losing. What seems unforgivable though, is not having any records displayed at all. I mean, how can you display and count the last “ten” picks only, forgetting entirely about your overall or your season records? Hypocrisy goes further in fact, when a so-called tipster that sells his picks, claims the following: “I do not keep stats anywhere online. I cannot show my recent record, its not important. All I can do is assure you I do make profit with yield around 10%. I will also not show record while service will go on. If you want to keep it, do it for yourself, I have everything noted, but its for my private use.” How funny is that? Maybe someone knows more than I do, but as far as I am concerned I would never ever pay for such tipster no matter who he is.

What I also can’t forgive is the lack of originality and grossly plagiarism. I’ve recently found out that a so-called “paid service” known as put their eyes on our FAQ section located at, copy-pasting every word to their own FAQ page located at I mean, how big your expectation must be if you can’t afford an originally-written page that after all, describes YOUR own service?

Finding a professional and realiable paid service is not an easy task, but they exist and they can make you a lot of money. There are a few simple basic rules one must follow before getting involved, and that will be a good topic to talk about in a new article.

EDITED: 20.08.12: The owner of apologized and removed that piece of text from his website.

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