NHL Playoff Final Preview – Icy Excitement For Another Year

Phoenix Coyotes Shane Doan (19) in action vs Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center. Game 4. Los Angeles, CA 5/20/2012

The NHL playoff final is set and it is the New Jersey Devils against the Los Angeles Kings who will face off in a set of games which are expected to go down to the wire. Both teams are very well equipped to make it to the final hurdle and have been in quite splendid form all season with the Los Angeles Kings particularly impressive in their run to the final.

Much is expected of both teams over the seven games with both teams who really are finely and evenly matched with The Los Angeles Kings perhaps having that slight edge. New Jersey are slightly more of a dark horse although they bested the third seeded Florida panthers in a game which went to double overtime and although they were seeded seventh, they ended up prevailing. Interestingly enough two of the finest teams in the form of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers were eliminated in what can only termed to be a big shock in NHL folklore.

This is however not new territory for the Devils who are in their fourth final since 1995 and their first since 2003. Still they haven’t been in the mix for some time now.

On the other side, the Los Angeles Kings have had rather a drought of late and are playing in their first NHL final since 1993. Their passage to the final was rather rocky, in fact they did not secure qualification until the last day of the preliminary round and succumbed to some heavy defeats in the process although they bested much more established teams such as the St Louis Blues and the third seeded Phoenix Coyotes.

Previous results this season do not offer much of an insight into proceedings and predictions as both games which took place in October between the two teams ended up being won by New Jersey in shootouts, 3-0 and 2-1 respectively. However the Kings do have history on their side and the Kings are being viewed as slight underdogs by some. With the first game taking place tonight there’s much to focus on over the seven game series.

PinnacleSports are offering odds of 3.67 on the Los Angeles Kings with a -1.5 handicap while the New Jersey Devils are on 1.338 with a +0.5 handicap including overtime for the first game. The odds for the whole series according to Pinnacle Sports are 1.602 on the Los Angeles Kings while the odds on the New Jersey Devils are 2.5 for the whole series. It is an incredibly close call for those punters who wish to take the risk but the teams are so evenly matched that the odds are necessarily close. So just roll your sleeves up and prepare for the clash of the titans in what promises to be a true first class NHL bloodbath!

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