Finland Veikkausliiga: Inter Turku – Lahti

The difference between Inter, HJK and the rest of the teams is quite big in this league and the difference gets even bigger when they play at home. I am not a fan of big spreads but this time I can hardly give Lahti a chance to stay in this spread. Inter will be more rested and don’t have any crucial missings, which cannot be said about Lahti, who have some troubles and apart from that, have been playing bad football in the last few weeks. What happened against HJK recently is exactly what I would expect to happen today. Sooner or later they will make mistakes and Inter will make them pay. Their backline looks extremely amateurish, there are lots of collective & individual mistakes that sooner or later bring goals. But the best thing is that the spread went down from -1.75 to -1.5, coming back to original set. I might have had doubts whether take Inter -1.75 or not, but this -1.5 looks too well not to give it a try.

Bet: Inter -1.5 over Lahti @ 1.95 PinnacleSports

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