EURO 2012 Preview: Greece v Germany

Otter 'Ferret' predicts a victory of the German team in the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 quarterfinal match Germany vs Greece, at the zoo in Aue, eastern Germany, on June 21, 2012. The otters were given to choose between two bowls with fish and eggs as well as the German and Greek flag, on the eve of their match.

No bet as far as the second quarter-final is concerned. Germany are clearly the more superior side and it will likely be them to play England or Italy in the semifinal, but I don’t like this -1.5 spread which is fair in my opinion. Greece might look like a bad team, this is what most of us think after all, but they’ve been getting better at the back and keeping at bay Russia was a top performance that deserves to be praised. I am not excluding the fact it might have been Russia who actually played much worse than their general potential was, but Greece would still deserve a bit of praise for their efforts at the back.

On the other hand, I am not convinced about Germany yet. I still think they play worse than two years ago at the World Cup and it’s their attacking department I am slightly worried. Gomez is a wonderful player that surely was a great investment, but the support from middle is somehow slow with no big imagination. Out of three games played so far, there have been good moments when Germany looked without ideas, passing the ball here and there but not really threatening. Could be their tactic, could be a hundred other reasons, I am only here to “detect and report” their situation and frankly speaking I would have wanted to see better football to back them with this spread, against a team that will defend deep and won’t allow many spaces.

Wouldn’t back Greece either. They can’t be trusted and their tactic looks more like a gamble. If they concede fast, they will most likely lose big. If they can hold for a while and keep it close until the second half, they might have some chances to cover this spread or/and even fight for a dream qualification.

No bet.

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