Champions League Final Preview: Who will clinch the title?

It’s quite late already and odds went down a bit but as far as I am concerned I can only see one winner tonight, and that is Bayern Munich to clinch the title! This isn’t about Bayern only being too great (not that they wouldn’t be) and not about their home advantage (which is significantly important by the way) but rather about Chelsea and their pathetic season.

Simply speaking, they don’t deserve to be there. Since Abramovich bought this club in 2003, the Blues have never had a more weak season. Their defence has never been more vulnerable while their attack, which once used to rock, is no longer as powerful as it used to be. The result was, they have only finnished 6th in the EPL which is extremely bad for a supposed “big club” that has such a big financial power. So how comes they play a Champions League final, how they passed through Barcelona? The answer is simple. This is football, and the ball is round as the saying goes. The EPL was a long marathon and their problems came out on board. When you are weak, sooner or later you get punished. And a 6th end-of-season position was perhaps their best punishment. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the case in the Champions League. You play less, the luck factor counts more. Does anyone really think they would eliminate Barcelona again? Not even if they played 10 times in my opinion, and as a matter of fact, they should have been out much earlier.

Football fans and a lot of punters in fact, pay too much attention to plain results. A missed penatly, a crossbar, and one on one is often ignored and forgotten too fast, despite it could have changed the match at 100%, “resulting” in another result.

Back to Chelsea…these guys have been playing some better football sice Di Matteor took charge and I’m not excluding the fact they might be back in the business the next season, but presently it is Bayern the stronger side, the team that hosts this final, and I can only expect a convincing home win. The over also comes as a must. The Germans are particularly good up-front, these guys really know how to score goals, and that’s exactly what Chelsea can do worse – defend. This isn’t Barcelona – Chelsa type of match when they had an one goal advantage and didn’t have other options anyway with a man down, this is a final and they will want to press, will want to score and win. Such approach can only help the German side, not that they wouldn’t score possessionally. Back the home team, back the over and enjoy the game!

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